join circus bootcamp

You always wanted to run off and join the circus...

Now you can!

Come earn your clown nose at Circus Boot Camp. You've seen feats of skill on the Playa, and who hasn't dreamed of running off to join the Circus. Heck, half of y'all probably still dream in acrobats and clowns.  At Circus Boot Camp, we'll teach you to juggle, unicycle, hoop, slack line, trapeze, crack a whip and indulge your childish fancy in other circus-inspired arts.

I know what you're thinking: "Sure, you'll teach me to juggle... after I've spent years on the road washing elephants and dodging monkey poop!" Wrong! Our goal is nothing less than to bring the joys of object manipulation, unicycling and other circus arts to the Playa masses in a casual, friendly and fully clothed environment (ok, mostly-clothed).

Shy? No problem. True, nothing will get you in circus form faster than the Clown Sergeant's meticulously planned and executed boot camp evolutions. But, if you aren't prepared to step up to Indiana Di Salvo's bullwhip workshops or dive headlong into the carnage of ol' Thomas-One-Wheel's unicycle derby, just stop by our camp. Ask around, chances are someone is waiting patiently to teach you something you thought you could never learn to do... trust us, you can!

Already a circus pro? Come test your mettle on our slackline; dance your clown shoes through the obstacles of irony; pass clubs with seasoned semi-professionals; try your hand at the Valley of One-Wheeled Doom!!

...or just hang out and play some Black Rock Uno. So come on by. Learn some new skills. Meet some new friends. Just don't whistle that damn song...

doot do doodle doodle doot do doodle..... dammit.

clown shoes

a berkeley juggling and unicycle cooperative production